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Notes/Domino 9 Open Beta


IBM has announced the open beta of Notes/Domino 9. This version includes all earlier by IBM mentioned social features you´re knowing from facebook etc. and the contents of the maintenance release 8.5.4 which will be released later in 2013.

The 8.5.4 maintenance release of Notes won´t have the social features included.


You can download all software components of this beta via following link:

There won´t be a 8.5.4 release as IBM has announced in their fix list ( )

Release 8.5.3 is the last planned/scheduled maintenance release (MR) for the 8.5.x code stream. Notes/Domino 8.5.x will continue to be supported for a minimum of 5+3 years (following IBM policy). In lieu of producing a Notes/Domino 8.5.4 MR, 8.5.3 fix packs will be provided. Building on the momentum of the fixes and features in IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 Social Edition, IBM will produce a 9.0.1 maintenance release and future fix packs and maintenance releases beyond 9.0.1. Customers who have deployed Notes/Domino 8.x should evaluate the benefits of 9.0 Social Edition. The Social Edition release has all the bug fixes that 8.5.4 would have had plus a robust set of features.

Create a shared action to create a new document


At first you have to create a new Shared Action and name it e.g. New Document.

Change Formula to LotusScript and paste following code into your action where <mask_name> should be replaced by your mask.

Sub Click(Source As Button)

Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace

Call workspace.ComposeDocument( '', '', '<mask_name>' )

End Sub

Block a XPage from users not having a role


X-Page -> All Properties -> rendered

var v:Array = database.queryAccessRoles(session.getEffectiveUserName()); @IsMember(“[role]”, v)

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