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Migration of VMware Horizon View databases


Some weeks ago I had to migrate our View databases to another SQL server.

Here´s my little guide to migrate the databases:

View Composer

  1. Stop Composer service
  2. Back up and move the database to the new database server
  3. Update the database connection with new server [Start > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) > System DSN]
  4. Start Composer service

View Events

  1. Move the database
  2. Log in to View Administrator and navigate to View Configuration > Event Configuration
  3. Select “Edit…” in the Event Database section
  4. Update the fields with information from the new server and hit OK.

Prevent AD objects from accidental deletion via PoSh


Here are some One-Liners to prevent your Active Directory from accidental deletion.

User objects:

Get-ADObject -filter {(ObjectClass -eq "user")} | Set-ADObject -ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion:$true

Organizational units:

Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -filter * | Set-ADObject -ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion:$true
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