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Error “e-port segmented (zone conflict)” on Brocade FC switch


If you´re getting this error it´ll be possible that you have different (old/new) configs on your switch. Compare your configs via cfgshow and check if there are any differences.


If there are differences enter following commands and confirm them on the switch with the oldest config:





portdisable <Port No.>

portenable <Port No.>


After this your fabric should be up and running again.


Removing GPO from a Non-AD-member



It is possible to remove GPO settings from a pc
You can remove the GPOs from a computer which was previously in an active directory domain by deleting
the S-x-x-xx-xxxxxxxx-…-keys in HKLM\Software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\group policy\ and within containing subfolders.
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